Welcome to our nursing home...
the right place for a dedicated elderly care in Malta


Located in the village of Mosta,

Central Home is the ideal nursing home for senior citizens.

Here, we strive to give a quality life to all our senior residents while providing peace of mind to their relatives.


In the Heart

of Mosta.

We are committed to put in action a holistic approach that promotes the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of all our residents.

At Central Home there are different accommodation options to suit each resident’s needs and preferences.

We work hand-in-hand with the local Government and mostly accommodate senior residents under the Government’s Scheme.

Providing the best elderly care to our senior residents



Clean, single and shared rooms equipped with comfortable bedding and modern furnishing.

Medical Care

Medical Care

We work with qualified nurses & doctors to ensure ongoing monitoring of our residents’ health.

Daily Activities

Daily Activities

Various indoor activities and outings are organised to keep our elderly residents young at heart and physically active.

Committed to take care of our senior residents

The friendly care workers at Central Home seek to efficiently assist the residents in whatever is required!

24hr nursing care

24HR Nursing Care

Our shift trained carers are always ready to provide an immediate assistance

cctv monitored premises

CCTV monitored premises

The common areas and the premises surroundings are kept under watch thanks to on-site security officers and constant monitoring by video surveillance

Nutrition care

Nutrition Care

An in-house nutritionist is always present to ensure healthy meals, everyday

Room Service

Room service

Meals and drinks are offered in the room to residents with mobility problems

Pharmacy of your Choice Scheme POYC

Pharmacy of Your Choice (POYC) Scheme

Retrieving and distributing medication under the POYC Scheme

Thought a nursing home is a quiet and boring place?

Read the latest news on the non-stop recreation activities and events organised for our senior residents.