A range of free services offered for all elderly lifestyle needs

The geriatric care we provide at Central Home is focused on each resident’s needs and lifestyle advantages for a better and enjoyable life.

  Security Services

Each senior individual residing at our nursing home must feel safe at all times. Apart from the 24hr CCTV monitoring, the security officers oftenly patrol the premises to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Since we have the security of each resident at heart we strive to have all fire and safety equipment up-to-date and regularly checked. The fire alarm system at Central Home is linked directly to the Fire Department for an immediate alert in case of unfortunate incidents.

 Easy accessible fire extinguishers

 No smoking indoors

 Alcohol quantities are controlled

  Laundry Services

Cleaning of the residents’ clothes that are machine washable is provided for free. All clothes need to be clearly labelled with the name of the person’s name.

Our housekeepers also provide our residents with the necessary linen, towels and face cloths required for their daily hygiene. Linen is changed once a week or according to the necessities that arise, whereas the draw sheet is changed everyday.

  Hairdresser Services and others

At Central Home we want our residents to feel good about themselves no matter what they might be going through.

Two times a week we provide professional hairdressing services consisting of a haircut and styling FOR FREE PAMPERING! For those who suffer from mobility problems we make use of a portable sink to let them benefit as well from this free service.

 Any other beauty services which residents may wish need to be covered at their own cost.

  Religious Services

The holistic approach we implement at our nursing home includes also religious services.

For any of those senior residents who seek to look after their spiritual well-being we have the Chapel where they can gather and spend some quiet time to pray or attend mass. The rosary is said everyday at the Dayroom.

 Mass Schedule

Wednesday & Friday at 10:00am
Saturday at 03:30pm

  Mortuary Rooms Services

Whenever a resident leaves us it’s as if a close family member was lost.

At Central Home we extend our support to the grieving family members in the most difficult times by providing mortuary room services. Aware of the sensitivities, we let our residents’ families and relatives plan the funerary arrangements without being intrusive. For logistics purposes, the nursing home needs to be only informed on the date, time and church for the funeral Mass service.

  Funeral Mass Service

Special services for senior residents at a fee

We are committed to meet each resident’s requirements also through other customised services

  • One-to-one nursing care (if required)

  • Dentist Services

  • Optician Services

  • Emergencies Strictly referred to Mater Dei Hospital

  • Medicines* *Any medicines prescribed by the doctor that don’t fall under the POYC scheme. In such cases, our nurses still take care of administering and distributing these medicines to the residents and ensure their healthcare plan is on track

  • Transport services for personal use ex. Taxi service

  • Additional room services