Keeping our senior residents on the move with daily activities

There is so much to do at Central Home...

  Physical and Mental Health

Central Home organises several indoor and outdoor activities.

We believe in keeping our residents and their families involved in a positive life doing what they love with a smile on their face. Whether it’s a party to celebrate a special occasion or an outing, we care about the feel good factor of all our residents.

Physical and mental exercise sessions are held three times a week for our residents to loosen up while having a good laugh together and relax their minds.

Individual therapy sessions are also offered to those residents who feel the need to share their thoughts in intimacy.

  Social Interaction

Everyday, our residents can embark in a variety of creative activities they love doing while having a chat with each other.

Seeing our residents interacting and getting to know each other is very rewarding to us. We often have school visits where children can also interact with our senior residents.

We also welcome volunteers and students on school projects or programmes to come spend time with the elderly; especially residents who have no visitors.

  Daily Activities

At Central Home our residents are free to choose what they love doing most to relax while keeping an active mind...







Board games

Board games

and much more!

  TV Room

Residents can lounge comfortably in the TV room while watching their favourite programmes.

Every Friday, after bingo, residents can also listen to a reading session of Maltese stories.

  Multipurpose Room

The multipurpose room is the place where senior residents can do whichever recreation activity they love doing.

This room is also equipped with a TV for those senior residents who like watching movies or other programmes.


There is a vast selection of books in our library section consisting of informative and fiction books and also daily newspapers.

While enjoying a warm cup of tea or coffee, our residents can have a good read whenever they want.


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