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Does the Home cater for individuals suffering from Dementia?

No. Central Home has no facilities to take care for residents in need of Special Dementia Care.

Is a Medical Report required on admission?

Yes. Each resident shall provide the Home with a medical report issued from his/her General Practitioner or Hospital Consultant. The medical report must include detailed information on the resident’s state of health and any medication or treatment recommended.

Is a Chest X-Ray obligatory?

Yes. Each senior resident must present the report of his/her Chest X-Ray within 15 days from the admission date. This report is mandatory in accordance with the Public Health Regulations. Should the Chest X-Ray report not be presented, Central Home shall organise a Chest X-Ray for the resident at an additional cost.

Does the resident’s General Practitioner have a role?

Yes. The resident’s General Practitioner shall visit the resident within 24hrs of his/her admission at Central Home. If not, the General Practitioner of Central Home does the visit at an extra cost paid by the resident.

Who is responsible for the medication falling under the POYC scheme?

Central Home can retrieve and administer any medication falling under the POYC scheme. However, the white control card should be renewed by the resident or a family relative at St Luke’s Hospital or by post.

Who takes care of the medication that does NOT fall under the POYC scheme?

Each resident or relative is responsible to purchase any medication that is not part of the POYC scheme. The trained nurses and carers at Central Home take care of distributing it to residents as prescribed by their doctors. The nurse on duty should be informed about such medication on admission.

Can a resident take care of his/her own medication schedule?

Only if the resident is on level of Care “A”. A resident can be allowed to administer his/her own medication at the discretion of the Nursing Officer. In this case, Central Home doesn’t hold responsibility in the eventuality of improper keeping and dispensing of the medication.

Relocation Policy

Central Home may decide to relocate a resident to another Home should the need for a specialised dementia care or nursing home arises. Before the relocation is operated a detailed assessment on the medical, psycho-social, physical and mental difficulties is presented. An assessment on the environmental suitability for the resident’s condition is also done.

Should the Home stop operating residents are given 3 months time to relocate to another Home catering for their needs. This is done with the least inconvenience possible.

Should a resident decide to leave Central Home a minimum period of 4 weeks notice is requested.

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