Professional medical care with a passion

At Central Home we have skilled nurses dedicated to take care of any medical requirements which our residents might need.

Our staff at Central Home takes care of booking hospital appointments for the residents

You can opt for the...

Home's Doctor

Home’s Doctor

Residents can pay a monthly charge for medical visits and follow-ups by our Home’s doctor. Central Home’s doctor remains committed to visit his resident patients twice a month for ongoing monitoring.

Family doctor

Family Doctor

Residents may choose to continue being monitored by their family doctor or Healthcare Centre doctor. We leave it up to our senior residents and their relatives to decide who shall be the doctor taking care of their medical well-being at the nursing home. Our nurses work closely with both family doctors and doctors from Healthcare Centres.

     Relatives are always informed on any medical treatments prescribed by the Home’s doctor

     Any medication prescribed should be covered by residents or their relatives

All doctors enrolled with each resident can visit them whenever needed & are on call to take care of any emergencies!

Routine Medical Consultations

Taking care of our residents’ health issues is part of our daily activities which we prioritise.

There is constant consultation between our nurses and the residents’ doctors to ensure constant monitoring. Nurses and carers at Central Home seek to follow-up on any medical requirements which could bring a lifestyle change in the daily life of our senior residents.

Complex Health Issues

Our senior residents include individuals suffering from serious illnesses, complicated medical problems and surgical problems.

Such cases are always referred to Mater Dei Hospital whereby a relative or one of our care workers can accompany the residents. All nurses at Central Home strive to continue giving the best possible medical care at the Home in close consultation with the respective doctors.

Allied Health Services

Senior residents on the PPP scheme can benefit from free treatment plans recommended by our allied health professionals visiting the Home.*



Residents are provided with physical therapy sessions that help them improve their body’s strength and movement such as flexibility and balancing.



The podiatrist deals with any foot or ankle problems and advises on the treatment required for better mobility of the feet.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

The Speech Therapy Department identifies and monitors any communication and swallowing difficulties.

*Residents can apply for these services only after a doctor’s referral.

Promoting an independent and safe elderly life

We encourage our residents to live an independent life as much as possible. Hence, nappies are only allowed to residents who really need them!

   Residents in possession of a Yellow ID are given nappies free of charge

   Residents in possession of a Green ID are provided with nappies subsidized by the Government