Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is a special day for all residents and this is celebrated with a special Easter Sunday lunch that delights their taste buds.

Figolli and Easter sweets, catered even for those on a particular diet, specially made by the residents themselves within the Home, were distributed to all. Crafts decorated for this special occasion were not excluded.

Karaoke feast to stimulate all of our senses.

Karaoke is a regular event in the Home and the week of Easter was no exception. Central Home residents were treated to the Karaoke Party much loved by them. Food was flowing. Socialization was taken to the utmost: Many were those taking the opportunity to joyfully sing along to their favourite tunes or to dance together with other residents.
As fond thoughts of the past are rekindled, familiar people and places help residents recall and share their personal histories exciting cognitive abilities. Karaoke is held regularly because a happy atmosphere is created effectively improving wellbeing by reducing depression. Both the residents and their relatives participate creating stronger bonding between them.

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